GRUPO AMIGO is an innovative company in the health sector, created by doctor José Antônio Morais Martins, which develops integrated teaching, medical assistance, research, technology and management activities with social responsibility.

In the teaching segment, it offers training and updating courses for healthcare professionals. It understands research as a source of active search for knowledge and technology as an important tool for innovating, facilitating and improving actions. It offers integrated medical assistance (consultations, exams and procedures) in Gynecology and Obstetrics and strives to ensure that all its actions are carried out with quality, seriousness, ethics, safety, technical and scientific rigor.

Through strategic partnerships with differentiated and qualified professionals, as well as with recognized and reputable companies, it aims to expand the range of services, strengthen actions and increase the network of employees and customers.

It seeks to identify market needs, create individual, collective and/or corporate solutions and make projects, actions, ventures and services financially viable, as well as manage processes so that objectives are achieved with everyone’s satisfaction and, literally, TAKE CARE OF LIFE !


Research and Technology

Health Care

Social Responsibility


Carry out innovative and integrated actions of teaching, research, technology, medical care and social responsibility in the health area, aiming to develop knowledge, tools, skills and professional qualifications to improve the population’s quality of life and health.


To be a leading healthcare company in teaching, research, technology, medical care and social responsibility, recognized for the quality of its services, differentials in its actions and values.